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Českotřebovský Vehikl 2018

Basic information about Vehikl competition

Competition is organized by scale modelers club Česká Třebová. On Vehikl competition is all standard categories (planes, AfV, dioramas, ships etc.). Models are judging by jury, no explicit rules are applied. There are several special trophies.  You can register electronic before competition and this is highly recommended! 

If you need some more information, lets write to me: or contact me on FB (find Vrog)


Last year we have a 600 scale models on tables. Lets go bigger and better!
Come to good competition, good food and beer!

Date and place

10. 11. 2018

Narodni dum Ceska Trebova
Kozlovska 565
Ceska Trebova

Parking: Parking at competition site is possible, however we recommend sooner arrival 

More Informations

Accommodation: not provided, it is possible to use near hotels

Refreshment: a restaurant in the building, there are also lots of restaurants nearby. 



Childrens under 13 years:
Ž1. Airplanes and helicopters
Ž3. Others

Juniors under 18 years old:
J1. Airplanes and helicopters
J3. Others 

Seniors from 18 years old:
T1. AFV 1/72 and smaller - wheeled and half-tracked
T2. AFV 1/72 and smaller - tracked
T3. AFV 1/48 and larger - wheeled and half-tracked
T4. AFV 1/48 and larger - tracked
T5. AFV - towed artillery

D1. Diorama and Vignetten - 1/72 and smaller
D2. Diorama and Vignetten - 1/48 and larger

L1. Aircraft 1/72 and smaller propeller driven
L2. Aircraft 1/72 and smaller jet
L3. Aircraft 1/48 and larger propeller driven
L4. Aircraft 1/48 and larger jet
L5. Aircraft 1/32
L6. Helicopters

O1. Other
O2. Civilian cars
O3. Racing cars
O4. Motorcycles
O6. Figures and vignetes

- In the case of unfulfilled categories, the organizer reserves the right to merge them


Judged by the jury:
Best of Show - The best model of the competition, judged by the jury
The Best in AFV - The Best Model in Technique, judged by the jury
The Best in Aircraft - The Best Model in Airplanes, judged by the jury
Price of plk. Otakar Hrubý DFC - the best aircraft in RAF camouflage

Special awards to 100th anniversary
Made in Czechoslovakia - a model whose design was made in Czechoslovakia
Českotřebovská drátěnka - the best aircraft until 1918
The Grand Prix of the Baltic - an award-winning model in the colors of Estonia, Lithuania or Latvia, awarded for the annual founding of the Baltic republics

Thematic Awards granted by members of the club:
Memorial of Franta Loskot - the best plane in Polish or French camouflage
Českotřebovský kohout - a special prize for a plane awarded by Pepa Zavřel
Českotřebovská antena - the best model with a good antenna (radar etc.)
Steel monsters - a special price for tanks or armored car before 1938
Lend-Lease - the best AFV in the colors of the Red Army
Bohus Jaros Award - awarded for a model of an allied bomber